2018 Preset Pack

October 28, 2018

I created a pack with 8 premium presets created by me the past few months. If you like my style on instagram you can now edit your photos with 1 click*.

* Not every preset works for every photo ofcourse and/or you need to play around with some settings or just the exposure.

The pack contains 8 presets: BlueMoon, BWGrain, CloudyPop, Depth, Mystery, NC, Shiny and SunnyPop.

After you purchased this item you get a download link to a .rar file with all the presets.
The presets are made with the latest Lightroom version in .xmp format. So you need version 7.5 or higher to be able to use the presets.

Do not download these on your mobile phone. But download on your laptop or desktop computer. They can then be used on mobile after. Yes the presets can be used on both desktop and mobile version of Lightroom!

I’m sure when you buy this preset pack you know how to install presets. If not there are great tutorials on youtube how to install them. I might make one myself soon just to be sure.

Need help ? You can contact me here.


P.S. I will add more and better examples soon for now check out the examples on the left and right click and open them in a new window. Too see mobile examples click the descption button below. Click on the pictures to see the results with the preset added to it.
Thanks for your support!


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Product Description

Below are some iPhone X image examples with the presets.


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